In recent years, foot traffic in the restaurant business, particularly in the family dining segment, has steadily decreased. Desperate responses from businesses in the sector have resulted in chain closures or price cuts as a means of drawing consumers back into their ranks.

There has been an increasing need for additional delivery and takeout choices, even though people are eating out less. Despite this, customers still want to be able to order and eat meals from their favorite restaurants from anywhere they choose.

Off-Site Eating Is Becoming More Popular

Even if Denny’s Restaurant brand was not doing as well as some of its rivals, it still needed to make an effort to stay ahead of the declining trend confronting the whole sector and take advantage of the demand for off-premise eating.

Denny’s Restaurant faced a massive challenge in providing its fans with a quick and easy way to order and customize any and all of their favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night dishes, as online ordering for delivery and takeout had previously been limited primarily to large pizza chains. If Denny’s Restaurant was to succeed in this space, one that no other family dining chain had tackled.

It was going to be a challenge for Denny’s Restaurant to attract the American public’s attention until they radically reimagined online ordering.

What Is The Reason This Entry Should Win?

So, Denny’s needed to expand its reach beyond the dining room to meet modern-day customer demands for convenience with Promo Code For Denny’s. It needed to take its ‘always open’ brand philosophy and integrate it with simple-to-use technology to bring the diner fare its customers crave directly into their hands, wherever they are.

For example, Denny’s Restaurant discovered that a lot of “I wish” talks were about having pancakes delivered to their house, rather than hoping that Denny’s Restaurant was closer to where they lived.

In The Beginning, There Was Denny’s On-Demand

With the recent improvements to their takeaway packaging, the moment has come for the restaurant to extend its reach to practically every household in the United States. It was.

Denny’s On Demand Was Formed As A Result.

For decades, Denny’s Restaurant has served as a go-to spot in the United States for Americans looking for whatever they want, whenever they want it. Now, with Denny’s on Demand, they could have the food they love whenever they wanted it. In the end, the world had become their restaurant of choice.

All facets of the online ordering experience were carefully researched and improved upon by Denny’s Restaurant with Denny’s on Demand. When it came to online ordering, Denny’s Restaurant didn’t just utilize a generic solution; instead, it worked closely with EP+Co and Olo, the leading digital ordering provider, to create a user experience that was specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Denny’s customers. Users may quickly and easily locate a nearby Denny’s Restaurant using the platform’s mobile app, personalize and place an order from the wide Denny’s menu, and pay for takeout using the platform—all from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

The Diner’s Ability To Place An Online Order

Social media users were also able to place orders via Denny’s Restaurant on Demand technology. It was Denny’s Restaurant that pioneered Twitter’s new online ordering feature, allowing customers to choose and purchase their favorite meal through a direct message. A Denny’s-branded Chatbot and other on-page alternatives allowed customers to interact with the restaurant at any time of day or night and place an order directly with the diner.

When Denny’s Restaurant decided to launch a nationwide TV campaign to build excitement and buzz, they put the famous Denny’s booth in unexpected locations (e.g., being dropped out of a C-130 by parachute).

Using Denny’s Restaurant’s social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, we were able to bring the convenience and enjoyment of our TV campaign to every American’s feed.

As A Result,

Denny’s used media partnerships with Hulu and Jimmy Kimmel Live, two shows that ranked well in Denny’s Restaurant’s target demographics. For the Hulu integration, Denny’s on Demand customers were given a 60-day free trial of Hulu after making their first order.

RESULT Denny’s Restaurant on Demand has increased off-premise sales by over two percentage points in the first seven months since its inception. Off-premise sales accounted for 6.6% of total sales in December 2016 but increased by 210 basis points to 8.7% in December 2017. Christmas Day, Denny’s busiest day of the year, saw the chain set a new record for off-premise sales, with the platform accounting for 12.8 percent of all sales.

An Overall Loss Of -1.1

Denny’s Restaurant was one of the few success stories in an industry that had an overall loss of -1.1* percent in sales thanks to the platform’s ability to boost same-store sales.

Grand Slam in the making

Denny’s Build Your Own Grand Slam is the most popular meal purchased via Denny’s Restaurant on Demand, a testimony to the platform’s capacity to completely personalize orders and America’s desire to be able to eat breakfast anywhere.

Similarly, the national media has praised Denny’s new ideas. The Denny’s Restaurant on Demand campaign produced over 13.8 million earned media impressions in the year and was mentioned over 400 times in a variety of media venues such as CNBC Inc. and Engadget as well as fortune and adage as well as Uproxx. “Doing the Lord’s work” is how a Delish editor described Denny’s Restaurant’s “transformational approach to internet ordering.”


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