Iman Shumpert’s routine on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ might be the show’s greatest ever

We last checked in on Iman Shumpert on Dancing With the Stars following the season premiere, in which the former NBA guard was utterly robbed with middling scores. Since that time he’s still been pushing along, and Monday night was his magnum opus.

The theme of the performance was “contemporary dance,” and with Halloween right around the corner, Shumpert and partner Daniella Karagach were so damn good. Wearing red jump suits and dancing to the remix of “I got 5 on it” popularized by the movie Us, the dance was full of astonishing moves, athletic feats and perfect stage presence.

Fans of the show aren’t just applauding the perfect score, but calling Shumpert and Karagach’s work one of the best dances in the history of the show.

“This will go down as being one of the best dances done on the show,” a YouTube commenter said. “Daniella is a crazy good choreographer and they definitely deserved that perfect score. My jaw dropped over some of those stunts/lifts they did.”

“Daniella’s choreography and Iman’s ability to make that happen, just made my jaw drop,” another added. “New favorite dance of the show, congrats.”

Athletes have been hit-or-miss on Dancing with the Stars in the past, but as it stands Shumpert is proving to be one of the greatest of all time — and winning over people who didn’t know about his NBA career. Keep killing it, king.



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