Should you meet an accident lawyer in North Carolina?

An ill-timed car crash in North Carolina can cause unprecedented changes in your life. When you have sustained injuries, even minor ones, you should focus on getting the best medical care. Ensure to report the accident, and once you feel okay, review the situation to decide whether you can recover compensation from the at-fault party. Like most people, if you don’t understand the state laws, you need to get the help you deserve through an attorney. In this post, we look at whether hiring an accident lawyer is a good idea.

Review your claim

Most claimants think they have a strong case, which may not be true. For instance, North Carolina’s contributory negligence rule is quite unfair. If you were minutely responsible for the accident, you are barred from suing the other party. Each car crash has unique circumstances, and you need a fair and transparent legal opinion on whether you can file a claim and recover a settlement. Fortunately, most law firms in the state offer free reviews for personal injury cases, and you can always meet an attorney to get a better grip on the circumstances.

Minimizing insurance hassles

Anyone who has ever worked with claims adjusters will tell you that insurance companies rarely work to help clients. In fact, claims are often denied for unexplained reasons, or the insurance offer is way too low to cover the losses suffered by the victim. One of the critical advantages of having an accident lawyer is their expertise. The lawyer will represent your interests and negotiate the claim for you. Not to forget, they will take care of the comprehensive paperwork and other steps in the process.

No hourly rates

People often way to stay away from lawyers fearing the costs. The good news is car accident lawyers don’t usually demand anything until the client wins the claim. You don’t have to pay an upfront retainer fee or an hourly rate. Because the lawyer is making a compromise on the payment, they will claim a share of your settlement. Your lawyer will explain the contingency fee in advance, which may range from 25% to 40%. Experienced accident lawyers may charge more, but a lot also depends on the facts and complexities of each case.

No matter how confident you feel about your claim, talk to an accident lawyer before accepting the insurance offer. Ask the attorney about their work experience with auto accident claims. 

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