How to Wear a Kimono for Any Occasion

Kimonos have been a popular favourite this season at Gemini Woman from one of their best-selling brands, One Hundred Stars. They’re not only a classic piece that will stay timeless in your wardrobe, but also a piece that you can pretty much pair with any outfit and get away with it. We’re going to share Gemini’s three favourite ways to style kimonos whether that be casually, or for any occasion.

Everyday Casual

Kimonos are super easy to wear day to day as an extra pop of detail to your casual look. When pairing your kimono with a pair of jeans, Gemini would recommend wearing a plain, fitted top underneath instead of a looser top to balance out the outfit. Wearing a fitted plain top such as a vest or t-shirt underneath your kimono will ensure your outfit isn’t too busy and will show off the shape of the kimono and the way it naturally falls.

Having a fitted top underneath your kimono is a perfect hack to make your off-duty, casual look appear put together and effortless without being over the top for your day plans. Finish the look with a pair of trainers and a handbag, perfect for heading out in the day to run errands, catching a friend for coffee, or doing the school run.

For an Occasion

Their second favourite way to style a kimono is of course for an occasion. Kimonos are perfect for adding an elegant touch to your look, whether that be to a wedding, black tie event, or the races. Have you ever panicked over wearing the same dress twice for a special occasion? Or had last-minute worries that your outfit just isn’t dressy enough for the occasion? 

Simply layer your kimono over your dress and add a pair of heels and dainty jewellery. This will elevate your outfit so no one will know it’s the same dress you wore to last week’s party, and will add a chic finish to your look. We would recommend choosing a simple and classic dress to layer your kimono over for a timeless look that will work for any occasion. 

Holiday Layering

Kimonos are the perfect cover-up on holiday or for throwing on quickly over your outfit to head to the cocktail bar. You can pretty much style your kimono during your holiday with anything from your swimwear, to shorts and a vest. They are great for covering your shoulders in the sunshine and adding simple detail to an otherwise plain holiday outfit. 

Gemini also love the lightweight viscose blend material that the One Hundred Stars Kimonos are made from, perfect as a light layer in a tropical destination. Similar to the hack in styling them as an everyday casual and for an occasion, you can easily make a holiday outfit you have already worn look completely new and fresh simply by layering your kimono over the top, and perhaps accessorising with different jewellery!

Browse Gemini Woman’s selection of kimonos and other best-selling styles from One Hundred Stars today!


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