What is the traditional cake eaten at Christmas?

Christmas is the most loved holiday by almost everybody. People work all year long to have some days of fun and family time. Students and pupils wait for their holiday, they finish their classes and exams in order to be free at Christmas time.

People who live far away from their families this day come home to celebrate together, that’s why Christmas is loved by everybody as all the good things happen at Christmas.

The other important component of Christmas is food. You can find different kinds of food from country to country. On this holiday people usually prepare their national dishes.

Christmas cake is also a must on every Christmas table.

Christmas cake has been a long-standing custom that dates back to the 16th century! Depending on the recipes that have been handed down through the years, this custom has been practiced by families from all over the world and has undergone numerous alterations. Around the holidays, the Christmas cake is a very well-liked treat, and there are many different versions with frosting, mixed spices, powdered sugar, orange zest, other fruits, and more!

What is a Christmas Cake?

Christmas cake is a custom that originated in England as plum porridge. On Christmas Eve, many ate porridge to fill their tummies after a day of fasting. The porridge combination soon contained dried fruit, spices, and honey, and it eventually transformed into Christmas pudding.

Fruit cake is frequently offered throughout the holiday season in the US, but it is not regarded as a traditional Christmas cake.

Oatmeal was eliminated from the original recipe in the sixteenth century and replaced with butter, wheat flour, and eggs. These components contributed to the cohesiveness of the mixture and the creation of the boiled plum cake. For Easter, wealthier families with ovens started baking fruit cakes with marzipan, an almond sugar paste. They created a similar cake for Christmas using fresh herbs and seasonal dried berries. The spices stood in for the rare eastern spices that the Wise Men brought. The term “Christmas cake” was coined for this cake.

Cake Mikado

Cake Mikado is a great idea for Christmas. In Armenia, it is really a famous cake. The Mikado is a masterwork of flavor combinations that blend and merge to produce an unmatched level of refinement in a dessert. A light, fluffy pastry base is followed by layers of pastry and cream that work together to tantalize the palette.

A light opera cake of flavor notes, The Mikado is a superb symphony of flavors, complementing and accentuating the brilliance of the dessert. The Mikado dessert is a joy thanks to the subtle flavors of cream, dark chocolate, sugar, and spices. Each mouthful of this most delectable of pastries yields a perfect balance of texture, which is a sophisticated blend of mildly crisp and calming, velvety sweetness.

You can find Cake Mikado in every cake shop in Yerevan. It is not a surprise because Armenians really like Mikado.


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