Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer If You are Charged with Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is not just physical abuse. It can include any violent act done in the presence of someone you’re intimate with like harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or violating an order of protection. Domestic violence is a crime that often leaves victims with no way to prove their case. However, hiring a Norwell criminal defense attorney might help you fight the charges. A defense lawyer will investigate the case and prove that you didn’t commit the crime.

In order to get the best results, you need to hire a lawyer at the very beginning of your case. This will give them time to learn about your side of the story and prepare your defense. If you hire a defense attorney after being charged with domestic violence, it might be too late for them to build your case. The sooner you contact a criminal defense lawyer, the better because they can meet with you while your memories are still fresh and work quickly on building a solid defense.

Here are a few reasons for you to hire a criminal defense lawyer:

  1. Your attorney can pounce on inaccurate or incomplete information

If you’re accused of domestic violence, you’ll be put through a police investigation. In this type of situation, it’s common for victims to lie. Your attorney will be able to poke holes in any inaccuracies, and get back up for your side of the story, which is not always captured by law enforcement.

  1. Your attorney will follow up on your situation until the case is over

Just like any of your other legal cases, your attorney ensures that they do everything they can to find the best outcome possible. They will follow up on how you’re doing and if there’s anything else in the case that could be changed or dropped if presented to the jury.

  1. Your lawyer will defend your case vigorously

Hiring a criminal defense attorney will allow your lawyer to aggressively defend your case. In some cases, they’ll defend your side against any charges and get the charges dropped. This can be a huge relief if you’re facing years in prison because you can avoid being penalized if convicted of a crime that doesn’t actually warrant prison time.

  1. Your lawyer can get evidence tested and analyzed by an independent lab

To get the best results in a criminal case, you need to have access to all the evidence. If your attorney can’t have access to all the evidence in your case, they might not be able to build a solid defense against the allegations. A good lawyer will do everything they can to have access to all of the evidence.

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