Promotion at Jun88 – Golden opportunity for bettors

Thanks to the generous investment, Jun88 provides players with super attractive promotions. That is the reason why players of this online gambling business will have a completely different experience. Let’s explore together the promotion program at Jun88.

The most popular promotions at the Jun88 casino

There are many reasons why the Jun88 casino has such a large number of players. One of the main reasons is that the Jun88 casino has many attractive promotions. With strong financial potential, this bookmaker can confidently offer many competitive incentive programs. Here are some incentives that players will be able to receive when accessing the Jun88 site:

Top up by scratch card, get huge money

The promotion program, giving bonuses to players when depositing money into Jun88 through the newly launched scratch card. With this program, players will be given up to 50,000 VND to their betting account. That amount will be used to bet but cannot be withdrawn directly to a bank card in any form.

Jun88 promotion for first time players to register an account

It is the same as many other reputable online bookmakers, Jun88 also has a great offer for players who first register an account at the casino. Accordingly, the player successfully activates the account, the Jun88 casino will give a familiarization bet. This money you use to participate in all games available on Jun88. Of course, if you win the bet, you have the right to withdraw that bonus amount to your card.

Promotion at the Jun88 casino for the first deposit

Players who first register an account and make a deposit at the Jun88 casino will enjoy a small discount. Depending on the time, the Jun88 casino offers a compatible reward value, applicable to specific objects.

Liên hệ - tổng quan về nhà cái Jun88

150% bonus for players participating in the game

According to information from this bookmaker, this promotion at the Jun88 is for players participating in football betting, slot games, shooting fish and other games. Players must deposit a minimum of 20,000VND to be able to participate. The maximum bonus for this promotion is up to 30,000,000 VND. The number of betting rounds required to validate the bonus, eligible for withdrawal to the bank card is 25 rounds.

200% bonus on sports bets

This promotion at Jun88 is for players who successfully register and deposit at this bookmaker. At first deposit, get 100% bonus, 2nd and 3rd time 50% each. Regarding the conditions for using and withdrawing this bonus, Jun88 casino has very specific regulations on its announcement. Players only need to refer to and understand that information in the most correct way. Of course, this bonus is only used in the sports betting product group and the most popular is football betting.


With the promotions at Jun88, players will have an additional source of capital to participate in betting. Entertainment at the Jun88 is also much more convenient and fun. There is an important note, the player must meet all the conditions set forth by the bookmaker, the bonus can be withdrawn to the account.

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