Which online shop has the most vegan range?

Can you remember when was the last time you eat your meal without a guilty conscience? If not, it’s a wake-up call to have a week or a month of vegan cuisine. 

There are a bunch of viruses in meat and it’s not a good idea to have them every day. I’m not talking about the cruelty that animals are experiencing just to become food for people.

Dairy products can cause some illnesses as well, so there is no need to have them all the time. 

Vegan cuisine is the best. Some people may think that there isn’t enough food in vegan cuisine, but they will be wrong.

There are millions of products in vegan cuisine. 

Some people think that Armenian and Caucasian cuisine can’t offer that much of vegan products or vegetarian food. As Armenian cuisine consists of meat mostly. But I’m going to surprise you, as you can find plenty of vegan products in Armenian cuisine. 

Let’s have a look at some of them. Here is some popular Armenian food that is vegan and vegetarian and which you should taste immediately. 

Canned Vegetables

In Armenia, where is really sunny and the earth is prosperous vegetables and fruits grow really well. There are the most delicious eggplants, tomatoes, beans, pepper, etc. 

They have the look as the sun grows them with extra care. The saddest part of the story would have been that the season will pass and we will be left with no vegetables but Armenians have the solution. Professionals gather vegetables, grill them, or just boil them, and make different kinds of meals from them, finally, they make canned vegetables like caviar, adjika, paste, etc. 

In the winter morning, you can put it on your bread and have a cup of tea with it. You will have the quickest and tastiest breakfast. 

Jams & Preserves

I know you have peanut butter or chocolate cream in the mornings, but give these vegan and healthy sweets a try. Armenian jams are made at least with two products. They are eco and healthy. Professionals gather them directly from the garden and make the best jams in the world. They just boil the fruits and then add some sugar. There aren’t any other ingredients that may be unhealthy or chemical. 

If you make a toast and put in some butter and then jam you will be the happiest person in the world. It is the best breakfast idea for kids as well. 

Compote & Juices

You don’t only need to eat healthily but also to drink healthily. Armenians make compote over centuries. Compotes are healthy and tasty. When you are working but you don’t want to eat something or drink coffee as you did almost all day, Armenian compote is the solution. Why not have it? It will freshen you up, and make you think more clearly as it is nutritious as well. 

Now you are thinking about how to find all this tasty popular Armenian food. I will tell you how.  You can order Armenian food online or find an Armenian food shop in London. 


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