Corner sofa ideas to create a cozy snug within a large space

Modern interior design is increasingly striving for maximum functionality and at the same time gravitates towards minimalism. This is probably why one of the most popular pieces of furniture for arranging a living room in all corners of the world has become a corner sofa. This roomy, aesthetic, and incredibly practical element of the interior is chosen by both well-known designers to create furnishings for exclusive projects, as well as simple owners of houses and apartments to equip homes of various sizes. Furniture manufacturers do not get tired of improving the collections of modern corner sofas, providing us with a wide range of sizes, for instance, large corner sofa or small, shapes, colors and textures for making sofas of various modifications. So you can find it in every furniture store. Also you can find a corner sofa sale.

The obvious advantages of a corner sofa in the interior of the living room.

If we compare a corner sofa with its predecessor – an ordinary sofa-book, it is easy to identify several undeniable advantages:

  • significant savings in the usable space of the dwelling, with the possibility of accommodating several people to sit;
  • most models are equipped with the functions of quick transformation into a comfortable and roomy bed;
  • almost all modifications of corner sofas have internal cavities for organizing storage systems;
  • the ability to transform the external image (modular models), design flexibility;
  • a wide range of styles, the ability to select a model for a specific room design (a wealth of colors, upholstery fabrics, texture solutions).

Criteria for choosing a corner sofa.

When choosing a corner sofa, a Russian buyer will be guided not only by how comfortable it is to sit on it, but also by how suitable it is for sleeping. Most of our compatriots will not refuse the possibility of acquiring a multifunctional piece of furniture, which in normal times will provide maximum seating for households (and even pets), and, if necessary, can become a place to sleep for late guests. In some dwellings, the corner sofa in the living room serves as a permanent place for one of the household to sleep. The intensity of the use of folding mechanisms will need to be taken into account when choosing a corner sofa model.

Conventionally, we can say that all corner sofas consist of four parts: a frame, a folding mechanism (may be absent), filler and upholstery. Let’s look at the principles of choosing each of the components of this important piece of furniture.

Frame and folding mechanisms.

In order to choose a high-quality, reliable and most durable sofa design, it is important to take into account many nuances. The frame of the structure should not be too heavy. If a piece of furniture seems unbearable to you, then most of the parts are most likely made of chipboard (as a rule, such elements are laminated or painted with a non-toxic dye). Ideally, all frame elements should be made of solid wood (the most durable breed, beech, will be the best option). But it is obvious that such a performance entails a significant increase in the cost of the entire product.


Not only the comfort of using a piece of furniture for sitting and sleeping, but also the service life of the entire product will depend on how well the filler for the sofa is made. The main advantage of using spring blocks as sofa filling is reliability, comfort and durability. The main disadvantage is the rather high cost. An independent spring block consists of a plurality of springs, each of which is located in an autonomous cell. A sofa with such filling is moderately soft, pliable and great for older people. There are spring blocks in which cells with springs are fastened into a single structure and move synchronously. Such designs are slightly cheaper than products with independent spring blocks. But it all depends on the number of springs per square meter. Such blocks (“bonel”) are suitable for both owners of a large physique and for lovers of hard surfaces.


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