Why Do We See Ants More Often In Our House In Summer?

Ants are insects that live in large colonies composed of different castes of ants. The queen ant remains inside to lay eggs and is called the head of the colony. The other ants seek food outside and bring it to the nest to feed other ants. They are most often drawn to sugary foods and can smell them from afar. 

In the summer, the queen ant lays eggs more, resulting in a population explosion in the nest, causing the other ants to leave their home and look for food outside. That is why they enter our homes for food. Therefore, you should know ant control and prevention steps to stop them from entering your home. 

Why do we see ants more often in our house in summer?

Most of us do not like ants in our homes. These insects are scavengers and they tend to eat almost anything, even other insects. They can get into our homes through minimal cracks. Once they find food, they will leave a trail for other ants to follow. This makes ants challenging to get rid of. Here are some reasons why ants enter during summer.

  1. Warm weather

The weather is warm. Ants are known to reproduce faster in hot temperatures. They like sweet foods like syrups, jellies, or fruits. They can also feed on protein foods like fish and meat. They will scavenge for any food residue left behind.

  1. Overcrowded nests

As explained earlier, the ant’s nests in summer become overcrowded. The colonies swell during summer when the queen produces eggs at a rapid rate. These ants cannot survive in the winter season, so they look for a place to survive until the arrival of spring.

  1. Cracks in homes

If there are cracks in your home’s foundation, windows, slings, or doors, they can find their way inside these gaps and cracks. They can also enter through the electrical outlets through loose-fitting boards and contribute to damaging your electrical equipment and electrical wires behind your walls. 

  1. Water

They also look for water. If you have any leaking faucets or pipes, they may attract ants during summer. If you find any leaks in your plumbing, ensure you get them repaired and fix them as soon as possible to prevent any ant infestation during summer. 

Ants enter your homes for food and water. They will stay in a range of 10 to 30 meters from their nest in search of food. Once they find a food source, they will leave trails for other ants to follow them.


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