Why you should use an online food shop in London

Going to the supermarket is not the rosiest event. Firstly, you know in advance that you will spend a lot of money: even if you went out only for bread, you will return home with a full package, because in the store remember about milk, and you also want fruit and yogurt at a discount. Secondly, if you have small children, then the trip to the store and shopping will be intense – with the cries of a child who wants everything at once.

Nevertheless, the British have the opportunity not only to save money but also to buy groceries without leaving their homes. There are online shops for every kind of test. For instance, if you are a vegetarian there are so many vegetarian food shops where you can order. Also so important is nationality. London is a big city, and there are so many people living together. So if you are for example Armenian, you can order Armenian food online. Armenian food in London is so popular. So in that case, there are so many Armenian food shops in London.

Even if you are staying at a hotel and eat exclusively in cafes and restaurants, you may want fruits, drinks, sandwiches, etc. In London, there are about 10 different types of supermarket chains, which differ in their prices, but not always in quality. The most common supermarkets are Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Cooperative, Lidl, and Asda. Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are considered expensive from this list. The cheapest supermarkets are Asda and Lidl, but the quality of goods there is not always the best. Tesco is probably Londoners’ favorite supermarket. It is neither expensive nor cheap. It can be found in any part of the city.

Supermarkets close at 22:00-23:00. Small Off-License shops are open around the clock or until late at night. There you can find everything you need, but, of course, a little more expensive. They, unlike supermarkets, can also be located inside residential areas, which is very convenient for those who live far from the main street. Alcohol in stores is sold only until 23:00. Sometimes in off-license shops you can negotiate with the seller, but be careful.

Also, fruits and vegetables are often sold right on the street and near the metro. They are more convenient to buy, since they are not packaged, and you can carefully select to your taste. They are usually fresher and cheaper than store-bought products. Friendly sellers will carefully weigh and pack everything.

It should be noted that every weekend in almost all areas of the city there are farmers’ fairs – Farmer’s Market. There you can buy natural products, freshly brought from the fields and seas of England.

Ethnic grocery stores in the UK. Another option for buying groceries in the UK is ethnic supermarkets. There are many of them throughout the country, especially in large cities and towns where there is a more ethnically diverse population. Many of them are Indian or Middle Eastern, but Chinese, Polish and Japanese grocery stores can also be found in both major cities and small market towns. These shops are often popular with ex-pats as they tend to have a larger range of international food items than supermarket chains. Products in these ethnic shops are usually cheaper, although it will be more profitable to buy everyday goods in chain supermarkets.


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