Private house vs apartment

Everyone who is going to buy a home usually thinks about where it is better to live – in a house or an apartment? There is no specific answer here, each person has their own priorities in the factors of choosing a housing. However, let’s look at the pros and cons of living in an apartment and a private house.

Advantages of living in an apartment

Pros of living in an apartment.

  • Transport and walking accessibility. Naturally, one of the most significant advantages of the apartment is transport and walking accessibility. You can safely live in an apartment even without a car, using public transport at any time.
  • Infrastructure. Choosing which is better, an apartment or a house, infrastructure will be one of the most important selection factors. In an urban environment, any infrastructure is available to you to choose from. This may be especially important to you if:
  • You are an active person and do not like to spend a lot of time at home. If you are not a homebody and like to constantly get out somewhere, go to entertainment venues, cinema, or guests, then you may not find yourself in country life. Also, in addition to entertainment in the city, it will be more accessible for you to engage in various hobbies, for example, going to a fitness club, yoga, music, dancing, etc. Outside the city, the choice of activities for the soul will be more limited. However, it all depends on what your hobby is. If you like embroidery, drawing, or playing games on the computer, then there will be no problems.
  • It is important which kindergarten/school your child will go to. Living outside the city, even in a village with a fairly developed infrastructure, the choice of educational institutions will be very limited. If you want to send your child to a school with a certain bias, lyceum, etc. will have to carry and pick him up from the city every day.
  • There is a management company. Living in an apartment building, you do not need to worry about cleaning the yard, taking out the garbage, and other things, because. There is a management company that solves these problems. Also, if there are problems with communications, they can always be solved by inviting a master from the UK. In a private house, you will have to solve problems on your own or call a master, which can lead to unplanned expenses.
  • Availability of communications. When buying an apartment, it always already has ready-made communications. Conducting communications in a private house will be costly both financially and in terms of time and effort. However, this is not always the case, for example, in our cottage settlements all the necessary communications have already been carried out.
  • Relatively inexpensive apartment maintenance. Arguing that an apartment or a private house is more expensive, some forget about the further maintenance of housing. It will be much cheaper for you to maintain an apartment than a house. Having spent once on the repair of an apartment, you will forget this question for a long time. Also, your responsibility will not include facade repair, maintenance of the site, garage, communications, etc.
  • An apartment is a better investment. The apartment will be a more profitable investment because. it will be easier for you to sell it, the demand for apartments is always higher than for suburban real estate.
  • Robbery security. There is an opinion that the robbery of an apartment is less likely than the robbery of a private house. However, if your house is located in a gated community, this probability is also reduced to a minimum. You can also install alarms and security cameras yourself to prevent such events.

Advantages of a private home

Advantages of living in a private house.

  • Big square. As mentioned above, if you need a large area, then the house will cost much less. If you have a large family or you just love having plenty of space, you will be happy living in a private home.
  • The area of the house can allow you to make a pantry, dressing room, several bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Has its own parking space. If you have your own plot, you can build a garage or just keep the car in the yard.
  • Quiet and fresh air. Some people need the noise and traffic of the city around the clock, but most people still prefer peace and quiet after a working day, which is what you get by choosing to live in your own home.
  • You can get a big dog. Some people dream of a big dog, but keeping it in an apartment is inconvenient and the animal will be uncomfortable. In your own home, you can have an animal that will not be limited by space.
  • It is possible to expand the living space. If you live in a house, there is always the opportunity to expand your living space – for example, make a basement or an additional floor, an attic, or just an extension next to the house.
  • Opportunity to grow your own garden. The advantage of your home is the ability to start your own garden and grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries. Or just plant flower beds with beautiful flowers.

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