Corner sofas with timeless design to use in a modern interior

Corner sofas are nice and comfy, upholstered to suit every taste, with storage drawers and a bed, traditional and modern, large and little. The selection is enormous, and it’s no accident that this item of furniture is among the best-sellers in furniture stores where you can buy a modern corner couch, a huge corner sofa, or any other type of corner sofa you require. You may find corner sofa sales in every magazine.

Gray corner sofa.

Add colorful pillows to the corner sofa and a coffee table to complete the decor. To add more light for reading, think about getting a floor lamp or wall sconce. To make the space cozier, place a carpet in front of the sofa.

Compact modular corner sofa.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a corner sofa is its size. Of course, everyone will hazard a guess to see if the model they have picked will fit the space, but that isn’t the only thing this is about. Not everyone is aware that the sofa’s size directly impacts your level of comfort. Sit down on the sofa of your choice and make sure your feet are on the ground. Although persons of different heights will be comfortable and have varying heights, the suggested seat height of the sofa is from 40 cm. You may personalize the sofa by adjusting the backrest and armrests.

Black corner sofa for a small room.

The variety of materials used to make corner sofas is astounding. Leather, eco-leather, and a variety of other materials are used to cover the metal or wooden base. Although genuine leather can be highly moody, a leather sofa has a noble appearance that makes it unsuitable for households with young children or animals. Fabric-covered furniture is more practical and easy to clean.


Before proceeding directly to the choice, make sure that the purchase is appropriate. This model has a number of advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance. Modern corner models look very stylish, and to see this, you just have to look at photos of beautiful sofas.
  • Space saving. Due to its shape, such furniture takes up little used space in the room and frees up living space in the middle of the room, which is especially important for a small dwelling. The corner sofa also allows for effective zoning in the living room, if its area is large enough.
  • An addition to the previous paragraph can be considered the capacity of such models. Even the most modest of them freely fit up to five people.
  • Functionality. Many models are equipped with a linen box, a table or even a miniature bar counter, and can also be transformed into an excellent sleeping place.

Mechanisms of transformation.

Before choosing beautiful corner sofas, the appearance of which you will like, you need to figure out how they are arranged. Modern corner sofas are not as often equipped with transformation mechanisms as ordinary sofas. The transformer model can come in handy if your living room acts as a bedroom at night: this model easily unfolds and you get a comfortable sleeping place.

Sofa selection.

When choosing, you need to focus on several criteria.

  • The size. This is a fundamental criterion when choosing any furniture for a small room. To determine the dimensions of the sofa, take a tape measure and measure the area that you are going to occupy. If the house has windows with low window sills, choose a model taking into account the fact that the back should not overlap the window.
  • Color. It should be in harmony with the decoration of the room and other pieces of furniture. If the living room has diverse furniture, it is better to take a sofa in a neutral shade without conspicuous decor. To enliven the picture, you can purchase several bright pillows and a bedspread.
  • The form. When choosing such furniture, be guided by your height – its seat and back should not be too high or low, and you should be absolutely comfortable sitting on it. Pay attention also to the armrests. They can be soft, so that it is comfortable to lie, stretched out to the full length of the seat, or hard – then they can be used as a stand for a mug or other things. Today in stores you can find models of various shapes and configurations.

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