Why would you want a smart watch?

Those who have read the classics of science fiction of the past century will surely remember what the communication devices of the future looked like in their minds.

A bracelet is worn on the arm and is functionally reminiscent of modern cell phones.

Attempts to design such a device have been made throughout the history of mobile communications development.

But the result invariably deceived expectations: the models offered by both leading gadget manufacturers and outsiders did not meet the expectations of users.

Low autonomy, depressingly poor functionality, and an extremely inconvenient interface, combined with an exorbitant price, did not allow smartwatches to gain more or less noticeable popularity.

But, as they say, everything flows, everything changes. It seems that all the marketing failures of smartwatches were due to one reason: their time has not come. Technology just hasn’t matured.

And today we can observe the emergence of devices that can, if not compete with the smartphones we are used to, then complement them very harmoniously.

What exactly is a smartwatch and where to buy smart watches in Yerevan?

Generally speaking, this is the name of any watch whose functionality goes beyond the original purpose – displaying the time of day and date.

It also includes a variety of gadgets that can act as a thermometer, barometer, fitness tracker, and many other functions.

Many of these are undeniably valuable to their owners, but we’ll concentrate on other gadgets that are linked to communication in some way, such as making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and accessing the Internet.

In Armenia, smart watches can be found in Yerevan, the capital city. To buy smart watches in Yerevan you can go to malls, e-shop, or buy online. By the way, there are so many online electronic stores in Armenia. Hiking watches and sport watches are also available in such places.

What is the purpose of a smart watch?

Many modern smartphone users have questioned this question. In truth, what do we have – a few hours on a smartphone or cell phone’s display?

No, if there is a need for specific features like measuring heart rate or counting the number of steps, then why not, but for mass use?

Supporters of this skeptical viewpoint overlook the fundamental nature of electronics. These products are specifically designed to make life easier for their users in every manner conceivable.

Smart watches can:

  • accept or reject incoming calls
  • make a range of notifications and messages, such as when an SMS arrives or when a program update is available;
  • control the player in the gadget;
  • control the pulse, count calories, and remind yourself of the need to warm up;
  • as you move along a given route, prompt when you need to turn off;
  • store text and media files in its memory.

The main types of smart watches.

According to their capabilities, smartwatches can be divided into two main categories.

  • The first includes devices that lose most of their functionality without a smartphone. They’re designed to interact with mobile devices as a handy remote control that lets you use the device’s functionalities via a wireless interface without having to take it out of your bag or pocket. There are some types that are relatively inexpensive, thus they are the most popular.
  • In the second category, you can include the so-called watch-smartphones. Here the ambitions of producers are already more serious by an order of magnitude. Such watches are designed to replace the smartphone as such. They must have an “adult” processor running the operating system and also have a full-fledged GSM module that allows you to make calls directly from the watch without the participation of external gadgets. That’s just the possible price of such watches reliably scares away the bulk of potential users from them. So far, there are no similar models on the market, but perhaps soon everything will change.

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