Living-room furniture ideas to convey comfort to the interior

Living room furniture
Sometimes, to create a cozy, comfortable, and modern living room, only a couple of little things are missing, and sometimes you need to try and put into practice several modern living room ideas tips at once.

In this topic, we will tell you about some tips and living room furniture ideas to make your living room more comfortable.

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 Hide excess.

Often the attractiveness of the interior is lost among the abundance of things and unnecessary furniture.
Leaving in sight clothes, children’s toys and wires, the owners of the apartment deprive their main room of comfort.

The visual noise that comes from clutter quickly tires the room and makes it look smaller.

We recommend that you leave insight only what really pleases you and reflects your character: the rest should be removing behind the facades of cabinets or transferring to new owners.

Transform furniture.

While in the living room, look around and decide which elements do not suit you or even annoy you.

Perhaps it is a shabby armchair, a bulky closet that does not fit into a bright environment, or an old chandelier. If an expensive furniture replacement is not planning, try redoing it:

  • Drag the upholstery with a thick fabric and a stapler;
  • Repaint cabinet furniture, priming it with a high-quality composition and covering it with a stable paint (optimally – odorless acrylic enamel);
  • Transform the chandelier by painting it from an aerosol can.

Use natural materials.

Plastic and laminated surfaces do not give comfort, as they seem artificial, but often they are

To make the living room seem more welcoming, dilute it with wood details (inexpensive solid pine furniture, clapboard accent wall, slats decor).

Brickwork and imitation of natural stone are also suitable.

Do not forget about textiles and details: instead of polyester, it is better to purchase items made of cotton or linen, and instead of plastic containers, baskets made of the natural vine.

Arrange plants.

Home flowers will help to complete the natural theme: even if you are not confident in your abilities, you should not give up green spaces. They relieve stress, purify the air and add volume to the room.

Beginners can choose for themselves unpretentious plants that do not require special care but please with their beauty and make the living room habitable.

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Decorate the sofa with textiles.

A soft blanket that is nice to wrap up in and elegant pillows that enliven a boring sofa will bring home warmth to the living room.

We advise you to purchase a blanket with a minimum of synthetic additives, otherwise, it will quickly become covered with pellets or begin to accumulate static electricity.

So your sofa is the main detail for a cozy home.

Decorate an empty wall.

Family photos, postcards, and children’s drawings hung on the walls of the living room will instantly
make the room cozy and familiar.

If you know the art of macrame weaving, decorate the wall with a threaded panel, and if you want to expand the space, collect a collection of small old mirrors and fill the empty space with them.

Set up a reading nook.

When designing a cozy living room, you should use zoning: the room can be dividing into sections using furniture (wardrobe, shelving, or sofa), color (painting the walls in different colors), as well as lighting.

A corner with an armchair and a floor lamp, equipped near the home library, will become a pleasant island for a relaxing holiday.

Lay carpet.

A soft carpet will make the living room more attractive and warmer. Products with a long nap made of combined materials heat more strongly, and they look more comfortable.

But carpets made of artificial fibers are easier to care for: they do not absorb unpleasant odors.

If a woolen Soviet carpet hangs in the apartment, remove it from the wall and put it on the floor: you will not only fall into the trend but also decorate your living room in a new way.

Install a fireplace.

A real fireplace in a private house is a luxurious detail, as well as a guarantee of soulful evenings. But residents of apartments are not depriving of a choice, because there are several solutions for urban housing:

  • electric fireplace with imitation of fire and crackling sounds of fire;
  • bio fireplace with a safe flame;
  • fake fireplace in the form of a portal. You can make such a decor with your own hands by filling it with candles or laying a garland.


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