Redbox’s 39 Million Kiosk Customers Are An Untapped Streaming Market

Now that Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming has debuted its streaming app in December 2020, it’s available on practically every TV and mobile device. (While it isn’t currently available on Amazon Fire TV, Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming is working on it.) You may already be using the Redbox phone app, which includes a streamer, to reserve your DVD rentals.

This week, when the company became a NASDAQ-listed corporation, Smith spoke with Decider about Redbox Movies and Redbox Streaming plans.

It’s Been Almost A Year Since The Streaming Service Was Launched. Is There Anything New To Tell You?

GALEN SMITH: Shortly, we’ll be putting together a channel platform. Subscription services like Netflix and Hulu will enable us to link our 40 million clients to digital Redbox Movies, and Redbox Streaming services that they don’t now have access to.

Curiosity Stream, for example, costs X dollars at Redbox, whereas Magnolias Selects costs X dollars at Magnolia’s.

That is precisely what I intended to say. We’re now building such partnerships in advance of a product launch in the second quarter of 2022, which will involve numerous launch partners. We’ll be able to sign up for subscriptions and pay for them all in one place.

AVOD providers such as Pluto TV and Imdb TV come to mind. Do You Know Who Your Target Or Kiosk Customer Is?

We have a vast, untapped market because those services aren’t well-known. We’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and our loyalty program has 39 million members. No one could match our offer of 500 points for 30 minutes of Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming last week.

You’ll need a different app to watch movies than the ones I mentioned, which are OK for ad-supported content. We’re consolidating everything in one place to make it easier for customers to acquire what they want.

I’m Blown Away. HBO Movies Are Not Rented Or Sold By Max And Peacock. Do You Enjoy Redbox’s Library-Building Feature?

I’m the same way. If you concentrate all of your material in one location, Redbox Promo Code customers will have a better overall experience. We feel that by merging all of these services into one app, we will be able to better serve our present consumers while also attracting new ones.

In addition to the subscription services and free content, any digitally purchased movies will appear immediately in the Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming app. Any purchases you make on other platforms will be able to be played back on Apple devices.

I’m Already Seeing Lionsgate Titles On Redbox. Is There Any More John Wick On Redbox?

We can’t say when specific titles will be available on the services, but we’re working hard to get the best ones possible. It’s fantastic to have Lionsgate as a partner and investor on board.

Except For Redbox, Who Else Invests In The Company?

Our organization has several high-profile investors, including Lionsgate, Legendary, Screenvision Media, and John Wick director Basil Iwanyk. We’ll develop 12 original action flicks for our company using Iwanyk’s label, Asbury Park. We intend to commercialize our first product in 2022, following this year’s delivery.

So, Only Redbox And Kiosks Will Be Able To Rent Such Movies?

These films will be available on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, and Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming kiosks, to maximize the title’s value while also supporting the artists. We’ll eventually recoup our subscription rights investment by selling them to Redbox Movies, Redbox Streaming service, which will allow us to continue operating as an ad-supported business.

Do You Think Redbox Should Include Exclusive And Unique Titles?

We believe that unique and original content would boost the service. We’ve had a lot of success licensing films and making them available to our clients, and now that we have complete control over the distribution rights, we can find out how to make the most of it.

We’d be able to offer exclusives and original material on Redbox Movies and Redbox Streaming free channels. With the advent of free channels that will be syndicated on Roku Channels or VIZIO TV, our Redbox Movies, and Redbox Streaming service is getting a boost.

Pay 1 And Pay 2 Contracts Are Now In Use By The Major Studios. Will New Redbox Titles Become Scarce Soon?

We’re considering deferring programming for the service’s ad-supported tier to save money. We want to be able to offer our own titles through the service. We want to buy or develop such movies and put them on the ad-supported side after some time, as we have a decent sense of what our customer’s desire.

There Isn’t Anything On HBO Max Or Amazon Prime Video. Are You In Agreement?

We’re always introducing new platforms, and the Sony Playstation 5 was just released a few weeks ago. We believe there is a demand for us on Amazon that has yet to be filled, and we feel we can contribute to filling it. We feel that we can form a long-term relationship with Amazon.

To Rent Or Buy Movies On Apple TV, You’ll Need An App. How Far Has Apple Progressed?

For lack of a better term, there is an issue with the Apple tax. Even if our software is available on Apple devices, allowing customers to make purchases and view material they’ve already purchased on those platforms would be too expensive.

Depending on the outcome of the case or the involvement of Congress, a better long-term solution may be developed. We don’t have this difficulty when it comes to Google and the Google Play Store.

You might want to buy Epix if Amazon sells MGM and decides to spin it off.

I’m not interested in speculation or discussion regarding future mergers and acquisitions. We’ll constantly explore new ways to grow our business, and our 40 million customers’ ability to interact with other businesses could be one of those opportunities.

Allow Me To Pose A Question To You: Will Becoming Public Makes It Easier To Acquire Other Businesses?

Yes. [Laughs.] We may now make purchases thanks to the addition of a new currency to our inventory.

Where Do You See Opportunities For Content, Distribution, Or Technology To Help You With Streaming?

You figured it out. These are the many groups. We’ll look for synergies in distribution. Purchasing a library would be exciting. We could possibly develop our technology by utilizing technology or ad-tech.


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