How Can I get Health Problems from PFAS?- Some Evident Ways Revealed

Many people get exposed to harmful chemicals in their daily life and don’t even know about them. We all have to visit several places because of our work or personal commitments. We don’t know if the environment is safe for us and our kids. PFAS is one such chemical that is present in water, air, and soil and we tend to get exposed to it without our knowledge. This chemical is widely used in the industry and is impossible to break down. That’s why the government emphasizes PFAS testing in New Jersey to reduce exposure as well as health risks.

How can you get exposed to PFAS?

After you have understood the harmful effects of this chemical on the human body, you should know how it can get into your body. Some of the evident ways are elaborated below:

  • Private well or municipal water
  • Swallowing contaminated dust and soil 
  • Eating fish that was caught from the contaminated water 
  • The food packed containing PFAS 
  • Using the consumer products in which PFAS was used such as stain resistance carpets, water-repellent cloths

Some of the products that make use of these harmful chemicals are mentioned as follows:

  • Cleaning products
  • Water-resistant cloths
  • Nonstick cookware
  • Shampoo, nail polish, eye makeup, dental floss
  • Grease-resistant products such as popcorn bags, candy wrappers, pizza boxes, and fast-food containers or wrappers

Breastfeeding mothers and infants

If the mother has PFAS in her body, the chemical can pass on to the infant or a fetus through the mother. The study shows that the development of a fetus can get affected if the mother has PFAS in her bloodstream. However, the breastfeeding mother should continue nursing the child because breast milk has all the ingredients to fight any infection.

Workers in the industry

The workers, who are working in the industry to develop these products, are directly exposed to this harmful chemical. The exposure may happen by inhaling in the same environment, through the skin, and by accidentally swallowing them. However, the most common method is by inhaling in the production environment. 

It has also been studied that washing dishes, bathing, and showering have little effect on human health if PFAS is present. Additionally, a small amount of PFAS can get into the body through the skin. 

To prevent yourself and your family from this harmful chemical, it is strongly recommended to get the PFAS testing done. 


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