Weather Conditions Highly Associated With Car Accidents

Bad weather conditions in Toledo are among the leading reasons for car accidents. According to the FHWA, around 21% of car accidents happen because of weather-related conditions. Many people assume that snow and ice are the biggest dangers on the road, but rain is way worse. 

Slippery roads caused by rains result in deadly and catastrophic accidents every year. If you get into an accident with another driver in the rain, you need strong legal representation. Contact a car accident lawyer in Toledo to learn your options today. 

Why is rain so dangerous for driving?

Several factors make rain particularly more dangerous for driving.

Precipitation, another term for rainfall, can be very dangerous for a driver. It can affect the driver’s ability to see vehicles and pedestrians on the road. It can also result in reduced pavement friction and contribute to catastrophic accidents. Precipitation also increases the potential for lane obstruction. 

Rain can also impact a vehicle’s performance. If water seeps into the vehicle’s internal parts, it could cause malfunctioning and result in an accident. It can affect your speed limit control, driving capabilities, and coordination. 

For the mentioned reasons, rain is considered one of the most dangerous weather conditions to drive in. Wet pavements are the cause of most car accidents, according to the FHWA. 

Tips to prevent accidents in rainy weather

It is recommended that you try your best to refrain from driving in the rain. If you have that can be postponed, it is better to stay home than risk your life. However, sometimes you may not be able to cancel your plans. Here are some healthy driving tips that can help you prevent accidents during the rainy months.

  • Make sure you accelerate gently instead of abruptly. This decreases the chances of the vehicle sliding and colliding into another vehicle, pedestrian or object.
  • Never hit your brakes suddenly. Again, abruptly hitting the brakes can result in your vehicle slipping uncontrollably. 
  • In the case, your vehicle begins to hydroplane, remove your feet from the pedals and hold your steering wheel straight. Do not do anything else until your car comes to a halt.
  • Always use the right signals at the right signals. Not using signals is illegal and increases the odds of an accident. 

Can I get compensation?

Even if a weather-related reason caused the accident, there are high chances that it was avoidable. If you have been injured in a car accident, an attorney can help you determine whether the other driver was at fault. Contact a car accident attorney today to acquire the compensation you deserve. 


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