Tips To Recover From A Bone Fracture After A Car Accident. 

When talking about injuries sustained in a car crash, the first injury that comes into mind is a fracture. Fractures are prevalent and treatable. The treatment aims at reuniting the broken bone using screws and plates. However, fixing the rib cage bones may not be as simple as it sounds. 

Fixing a broken bone requires minor to primary surgical intervention. Moreover, recovering from a broken hand or leg bone requires physiotherapy and a lot of rest. The period of bed rest and bills spent on physiotherapy sessions add up a lot of financial stress upon a victim. In such cases getting in contact with a Queens car accident lawyer can help a victim get compensation for operation charges, physiotherapy sessions, and other medical bills spent due to the injury. 

How can a victim speed up the healing process of a broken bone? 

By following a few basic steps, a victim can quickly speed up the healing of a broken bone. Moreover, their recovery period reduces, and they make it back to work faster. These tips include:

  1. Immobilization. 

Keeping the bone fragments stable and hindering them from moving is one of the main factors for faster healing. A cast is used to keep the bone stable. In severe cases, screws, plates, and wires are used to keep the bone in place. No matter what type of procedure is used to stabilize the bone, victims should limit their movement until the doctor has advised them to start moving. 

  1. Nutrition. 

Nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to healing. Especially calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone growth. A diet rich in these minerals and vitamins can speed up the bone growth and healing process. 

  1. Medication. 

It is crucial to speak to an orthopedic before taking any medication, as some medications are known to slow down bone growth and healing. Moreover, medicines prescribed after surgery are to be taken timely. 

  1. Physiotherapy. 

Once a victim has been advised by their physiotherapist to start physiotherapy, they should only opt for it. Starting too early or too late can lead to complications and become an issue with bone growth. 

  1. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. 

Excessive alcohol and smoking are known to harm bone growth and health. In a study, it has been noted that victims who continued to smoke and drink after a repaired broken bone took a longer time to recover when compared to victims who had quit smoking and alcohol. 


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