How to buy a sofa that will last a long time?

Today, there are many models of sofas that are suitable for different interior sizes and shapes, so it is very important that the new sofa harmoniously blends into the comfort of the house and lasts as long as possible while maintaining its original appearance.

For instance, sleeper sofas are that much more comfortable for use, which has become a trend already.

And everyone started to use those small sofa beds because you can easily sleep on the sofa when you are watching a movie or just taking a rest.

In this topic, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when buying such a difficult, but necessary piece of furniture for every home.


So, going to the store and choosing a model of upholstered furniture, first pay attention to the quality of its tailoring. Often, it is at the seams that you can determine whether it is worth buying a sofa or not since the accuracy of tailoring reflects the quality control of production.


When buying a sofa, it is necessary to consult the seller about the frame of the sofa, as this is a guarantee of the durability of the furniture.

Basically, sofa frames are made of chipboard, plywood, and metal frames. Remember that sofas that are the weakest in use are made of chipboard, which is unreliable for heavy loads.

Experts recommend not to save money and choose sofas made on the basis of metal frames or plywood, which will allow you to maintain the appearance of the model for a long time and will not require repair.


Check with your consultant about the properties of the sofa filler: it should be made of polyurethane foam with a density of 25 or more.

Spring blocks are a good alternative to polyurethane foam. A sofa filled with cheap low-density foam rubber quickly loses its shape and does not recover.

Upholstery materials.

The choice of fabric is much easier, it meets all tastes and requirements, however, check its density and thickness, as thin fabrics quickly stretch and lose their original appearance.


Pillows are vital aids in the creation of comfort. The sofa’s refinement and comfort are enhanced by scattered ideas.

Modern synthetic pillow fillers, such as foam balls or holofiber, require a more “rigid” position of the person on the sofa.

Pillows made of natural fillers – down – are softer, as if you fall through them. Down – can be an irritant for allergy sufferers.

In any case, after buying a sofa, the pillows need to be fluffed and shaken from time to time.

Then they will last longer and retain their original shape.

In conclusion, before buying, don’t forget to measure the width and height of all doorways through which movers will move your sofa. It’s a shame if a good sofa just won’t go through your front door.

Transformation mechanism.

If you need a sofa that will be used as a sleeping place, it is important to focus on the characteristics of the transformation mechanism.

High-quality mechanisms, aimed at long service and heavy loads, are made of metal, well painted over, and connected with reliable elements.

If the mechanism has a careless color, this suggests that the quality of the manufactured products in production is practically not controlled and in the near future, we should expect a breakdown of the transformation.

Configuration of upholstered furniture and location.

The main criterion for choosing upholstered furniture for a particular room is its configuration and the place where it will be installed.

Corner sofas are comfortable because they fill in empty spaces in the corners of a room, leaving a lot of free space.

If it is important to keep free space in the room, then it is better to opt for an ordinary two-seater and three-seater sofas, which can be used as sleeping places.

Compact transformer models, which are no more than 2 meters wide, are perfect for small apartments.


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