Jersey City personal injury: When do you need a lawyer?

Life is unpredictable, and so are accidents. Accidents can happen to anyone, but you could potentially recover a settlement for damages when you have sustained injuries because of someone’s negligence, fault, or recklessness. New Jersey allows victims to seek compensation, but as we all know, winning a personal injury lawsuit is tougher than what it looks like on paper. Things can be harder when you are dealing with everything on your own. In this post, we are talking of circumstances when hiring a Jersey City personal injury lawyer will definitely help. 

  1. When you have a case of medical malpractice. We trust doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals with our lives, and they have a duty of care. If you have been misdiagnosed or have sustained injuries or consequences of surgical or procedural errors, you must contact a lawyer. Medical malpractice cases are rarely simple, and more often than not, doctors and hospitals rely on the best lawyers in business to represent them. Having an attorney on your side will help you make practical decisions. 
  2. When you have a possible auto accident lawsuit. New Jersey is a no-fault state. In most circumstances, drivers turn to their own insurer for compensation. However, there are some situations when you can actually file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. For instance, if you have sustained a serious injury, you could file an injury lawsuit. Before you decide on the course of action, contact an attorney. 
  3. When you have no experience dealing with insurance companies. It is a known fact that claims adjusters do their best to deny and delay claims. Even when you have a valid auto accident claim, they can try tactics to minimize the settlement. If you have no experience dealing with insurance companies, consider hiring a lawyer. Top accident attorneys know what it takes to represent and negotiate on behalf of a client. 

Final word

Keep in mind that you only have a limited time to take action and file an injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations in NJ allows only two years for most personal injury and accident cases. Two years can pass in a wink, and if you don’t act right away after an incident or accident, you may lose valuable information and evidence. Get an attorney right away, and the good news is you don’t have to a lawyer until you win a settlement, which is a huge advantage for any accident victim. 


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