Seattle car crash: Understanding Washington laws and hiring a lawyer

Unfortunate car accidents and collisions are not rare on Washington roads. Knowing the state laws will come in handy if you sustained injuries in a Seattle car crash. You also need to seek legal representation as Washington is a tort state. If the other driver acted negligently and caused the crash, they are liable for your damages, including medical bills and income losses. In this post, you can find more on Washington state laws related to auto accidents and how to hire a personal injury lawyer in Seattle

Three key aspects

  1. The statute of limitations in Washington sets a three-year deadline for all car accident lawsuits. In other words, if you want to sue the other driver for their action, you can file a civil lawsuit within three years from the date of the car accident. If you lost a loved one in the crash, you could file a lawsuit related to wrongful death within three years (provided you have the right to do so). 
  2. This is a claimant-friendly state. The pure comparative fault is applicable in Washington, which allows the claimant to seek compensation, even when they are at a major fault. If they win a settlement, their fault percentage will determine what they get out of it. 
  3. You are required to complete the Motor Vehicle Collision Report if the accident resulted in injury to any person or caused property damage worth $1,000 or more. This rule is applicable for all drivers involved in Washington car accidents. 

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Seattle

Most personal injury law firms in Seattle offer a free case evaluation option. Given that insurance companies are unlikely to play a fair game with the claimant, it makes sense to contact an attorney soon after the car crash. If you have your doubts about hiring a lawyer, you can ask questions like –

  1. How long have you been a personal injury lawyer in Washington? 
  2. How frequently do you work on car accident claims and lawsuits?
  3. Have you worked on a case similar to mine? If yes, what was the outcome?
  4. Do you have experience representing car accident victims in court?
  5. How much do I need to pay you?

Typically, car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee, which means they only get paid after their client makes a recovery. Check online now to find more on statistics related to car accidents in Seattle and contact a lawyer.


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