Car crash in Los Angeles 101: Check these key details

It is known that car crashes and accidents frequently happen in Los Angeles. Some accidents are just fender benders, but some have serious consequences. California is a tort state that follows the pure comparative fault rule. If you sustained injuries in an accident where the other party was responsible to an extent, you could seek compensation for your losses, even when you were at fault. In fact, you can seek a settlement for the damages when you bear more share of the blame. Winning a settlement, however, can be a long journey. Working with the top car accident attorneys Los Angeles can improve your chances considerably. Here are some key details worth knowing. 

You need to take action

There are a few dos and don’ts that every driver in a road accident in LA should follow. Firstly, do not run away from the scene. You need to call the local police and wait for an investigating officer to arrive, especially when the damage is considerably serious or someone is injured. Call 911 without delay, even if you are at fault for the crash. You need to seek medical help for the injured, and yes, do not ignore your injuries either. Things you shouldn’t do include – 

  1. Don’t admit fault
  2. Don’t move someone who is seriously injured unless you are trained
  3. Don’t engage in confrontations
  4. Don’t give a statement
  5. Don’t miss taking photos of the accident scene

You have limited time

Like every state, California has a statute of limitations, which sets the deadline for filing civil lawsuits after a car accident. You have two years to take action, and the count starts from the date of the accident. If you file a third-party insurance claim, you have to act simultaneously on a potential lawsuit, as the 2-year deadline continues to run. If you miss the deadline, the court will dismiss your lawsuit under most circumstances. 

Get a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer for your car accident case is a personal choice but a necessary one. Most attorneys would be happy to offer a free consultation session for your case, and you can take your time to evaluate the legal options. Lawyers are capable of negotiating better with insurance companies and can file a civil lawsuit when needed. There is always a higher chance of getting a decent settlement when a car accident lawyer is working on your case. You can check on Google to find top law firms in LA. 


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