How Long Will It Take to Resolve Your Personal Injury Case in New Hampshire

If you have met with an accident and any New Hampshire personal injury lawyer that you hired from Sabbeth Law is handling your case, you will be keen to know when your case is going to be settled. 

Particularly, if a person has met with serious injury and is taking a very long treatment, will prefer that the case be resolved as early as possible and free from all the legal hassles. 

There are a number of procedures that must be performed to ensure that an injured client has the best chance of recovering. The lawyer generally makes sure that he will thoroughly investigate every area of a case and gather all possible facts and information that are needed to effectively represent the clients.

Many of these steps, despite being time-consuming, may result in much larger recoveries for the client and greater protection for his family. Each of these steps is necessary to ensure that no stone is left unturned.   

Generally, the lawyer will take the following few steps to ensure that his client’s interest remains well protected.

  1. Consult a doctor to get full detail about your injuries so that insurance companies may not manipulate your case by giving a different color and weakening your case. 
  2. They will ensure that every expense that you make for your treatment because of your accidents are properly recorded and every bill is kept organized.
  3. Make a factual investigation of your case and know the full event that leads to an accident
  4. Identify all the legal loopholes of insurance companies so that your case can be properly defended. 
  5. All possible efforts are made so that you will get the maximum possible benefits
  6.  Make every possible effort that the settlement can happen out of court so that your case may not drag for a long time. 

However, often certain cases are quite complicated where often a court trial becomes necessary, so that you may not be denied your rightful claim. In such cases, usually, a lawyer will not be in a position to tell you how much time your case will need to get a final settlement.

When the case goes to court then it is beyond the control of the lawyer to follow up and push the case for earlier settlement. Therefore, if you think that your case is not strong enough to stand in the court, then it will be better to go for a mutual settlement so that you can avoid the long wait.   


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