Consequences You Might Face When Dealing With Drug Charges Without a Lawyer in Pennsylvania 

If someone is caught with drugs or any other narcotics substance in Pennsylvania and is brought into custody and then decides to represent themselves, it might lead to numerous troubles. 

Unless you do not hire a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, you will not be aware of the circumstances that you might have to go through. Although you have all the rights to represent yourself, having a lawyer gives you a better option to fight for your case with their years of experience and expertise. Click on for more information. 

Consequences You Might Face When Dealing With Drug Charges Without a Lawyer:

  1. Delayed trial time:  

If you do not show up with a lawyer, you will not be aware of the trial timelines and the corresponding procedure that you have to do. So there might be a possibility where you might mess up something, and your trial is postponed.

Your immediate step after being arrested is to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney and fill him/her up with your case so that your lawyer can start preparing for your immediate bail after going through the entire situation.

Also, drug cases in Pennsylvania may take months or years to resolve if you do not have a skillful legal representative working by your side.

  1. Chances of you being convicted may increase: 

This is the most severe consequence you might face if you are representing yourself all by yourself without a criminal defense attorney. Any small mistake done even in the initial stages can take a toll on you or your case during your verdict.

If your attorney is experienced and skillful in drug cases, your attorney would easily be able to get your sentence decreased by using his strategic negotiating techniques. 

  1. Likely to spend more time in Prison: 

This is another common repercussion you may face if you are representing yourself alone. This is because when you are representing yourself, you are already making a perception of yourself that you lack legal knowledge and are not aware of your rights.

There might be a possibility that the justice system might not look at you as someone who will respect the process, which may cause you trouble during your trial.

If you are looking for the best possible outcome out of your case, then it is essential to move forward and hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer is experienced and has been through similar cases. Having a knowledgeable person to assist you will ensure maximum perks. 

Abuse can occur to any individual irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or orientation, and it can be in any form as well. The justice system has come out with Protection From Abuse or PFA, which an individual can file to gain much-needed protection from the ongoing abuse or harassment. PFA can be issued in the form of a restraining order too.

In this case, hiring a Protection From Abuse Attorney in PA can help make the filings for a PFA Order much faster. 

Here is how a lawyer can help out in such cases:

Filing the petition: 

Usually, the mental condition of the victim of abuse is very reluctant to be vocal initially in most cases. Hence, undertaking the filings of the paperwork could make the entire process gruesome. The needed motion for a PFA can be filed through an attorney without adding any additional strain or discomfort to the victim. Keep in mind that the laws with regards to PFA vary from state to state.


The attorney will handle all paperwork leading to the court hearing and after(if at all). The paperwork must be filed consisting of the petition, required documents as evidence, etc.; if one cannot attend the hearing, definitely, file for a “motion of continuance” before the hearing.

Gathering evidence:

The need for valid evidence is quintessential to carry out the order as it would help back up the earlier stated claim and accusation regarding the coherent existence of abuse. An experienced attorney can help gather and prep the needed witness(es) to help execute the reason behind the filing of the petition in the first place. The evidence presented could be testimonies, assault weapons, footage, video evidence, pictures, past protective orders, etc.

Your testimony:

The most important reason why the petition is filed would need to be backed by the complainant’s testimony. A PFA case can be represented by a person filing for it; however, a PFA attorney can prep the individual while taking the stand to ensure that the judgment works in their favor, which can help get the PFA order approved swiftly.

Legal representation:

It goes without mentioning that the attorney will represent the client before the court; however, the situation gets a bit complex if the PFA order between the parties has children involved. The attorney will have to get to terms with the custody rights, visitation rights, child support payments, among others, to ensure that the child in question is also kept out of harm’s way.

Though domestic violence should not be tolerated, certain spouses use it as a tool to remove their partner from their life without any hassles. Still, it is very wrong, and the person can be accused of filing an unfair accusation on their partner. Hence, it is recommended to get a lawyer and tackle the false accusation quickly.

Here are a few things that you need to do when in a wrongful accusation:

The following are some recommended points to remember when you are wrongfully accused and can quickly help you through the process.

  1. The first thing to do is to search for a professional attorney who can help you with the legal aspect of the accusation wherein he will defend you for a wrongful allegation at the court to prove that you are innocent. Your partner had falsely accused a case.
  2. Be authentic to every statement/detail you are giving out to your attorney because if the comments collapse at some point, the judge might lose his trust in you, and the accusation might get complicated.
  3. Do not get into any abusive wording, fight, or revenge on the accuser in public (or even in private). Let your attorney do his work because any action you perform when in an accusation can make the case even worse, resulting in the accusation being true.
  4. There is a chance that you might lose your parental rights to your children when alleged on a wrongful accusation. Hence, talk to your attorney about ways to protect your parental rights so that you do not lose your relationship with your children by a criminal charge filed by your partner.
  5. It is essential to gather relevant information as evidence that can be used to prove that the accuser has wrongfully accused you. So, you can show the evidence as proof to support your statements and verify that the accuser is doing it for revenge only.

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